Customer Satisfaction Reports

Here are a few testimonials from users of these bird spikes (all genuine)

We are very pleased with our new pigeon spikes. The pigeons, however, are not! Easy to fit and unobtrusive, the spikes really do deter the most determined pigeons. Pigeon-free ventilation! We now have the freedom to open our windows as wide as we like without fear of feathered intruders.
 Ivor Evans

Easy to fit and 100% effective in stopping the pigeons.We had new neighbours moving in recently ,who have been throwing bread onto the lawn for the birds.Unfortunately,they did not seem to realise that this only tends to attract pigeons,and we were inundated with a lot of pigeons congregating around both our house and next door,sitting on our top two windows,which have a small ledge protruding.We have a conservatory below and the consequential mess on the glass roof was awful.We ordered the spikes and since fitting,a simple job,the birds now sit permanently on next door`s window ledges!No more messy windows………
 Brian Shubrook

We have ordered pigeon deterrent spikes from you on several occasions and would like to say that your service is second to none. Delivery has always been very efficient,and your products are easy to install and very effective in combating pigeons problems from window sills, roof tops, shop signage etc.
Derek Didcock

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful product! I have been plagued by wood pigeons visiting my next door neighbour’s ‘forest’ for the last 3 years. After installing your spikes I have hardly seen a pigeon since – I can’t believe it!! It only took me an hour to apply the spikes to my rather tall fence panels – and I am a lone woman. I can now enjoy all my climbing plants, mirrors, clocks and wall art free from all the dirt and noise created by the birds. Many many thanks for a brilliant product – I wish you every success.
Lorriane Fox

spikes, in combination with netting in the open area of our patio moon dome here at [our location] did the trick. The birds hung around our railings for a couple of days, but we have now not seen them for a week, albeit I now notice a roosting of pigeons on the next building. I hope they are happy there!
  Glen Marshal

Order of Defender8 spikes received very promptly and have now been fixed to roof of bird table. So far no pigeons have landed, although they kept trying for a couple of days. Great product and outstanding service. Thanks
I cannot speak highly enough of your pigeon spikes – they have transformed my life. No more having to clear up piles of pigeon mess. They are 100% effective and are virtually invisible. Also your delivery was so prompt; within 3 days from ordering they were installed by a very competant aerial man. We wish your business well.
John Ensoll

Bird Spikes work a treat. Easy to install and works immediately.
 Brian Wells

Customer service, delivery and value for money excellent. Spikes are easy to fit and do the job, pigeons now banished!!! V impressed with product and would recommend

Excellent product. My preference is the metal type as I think they may be more durable over time The product has cut down bird waste which has resulted in a clean roof now for some years. Also hopefully cut down on health risk as this waste falls from the roof into the garden and its furniture occassionaly. Always recommended to friends and in particular a roofer friend of mine who has been using the product for some time now..

Tom Malone

Almost everyday pigeons had become a pest problem for us, when they roosted on our property. They are not nasty or aggressive birds, however, the main problem they posed was regular damage to the guttering. The solution for us was to use [bird spikes]. Ordering and delivery was quick and straight forward. We haven’t looked back. There was a choice of spikes that were easy to fit, and equally keeps the pigeons off the guttering without harming them. We are so happy with this product.
 David Pritchard

the spikes were just the ticket for keeping the pigeons off the garden swing easy to install and highly effective the kids can now use the swing without having to wait for me to scrape off dried pigeon poo – everyone’s a winner.
 gurminder mann,

ust want to let you know what a difference your “spikes” have made since they were installed a month ago. My path has been completely clear of any messy droppings – which always fell where people walk to the front door! I will always recommend your product to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you for your prompt delivery and for the complete package.
 John Gulliver

Well let me start by saying THANK YOU i have had a problem with starlings/sparrows roosting on my ham radio antenna.I have just installed your wonderful defender 4 pigeon spikes and not one bird of any description as landed on my antenna.To be honest i was a little worried about what might happen when i installed them but there was not need to have been concerned at all. Please feel free to ad this to your customer comments on your web page.I have also added a picture of the installation if you would like to use the.I have told some of my ham radio iabout your products so you might be having a few more orders. Thank you great service quick delivery and good communications great job.
 John Gulliver

We recently purchased some pigeon spikes on line and have had our sleeping patterns transformed! I can’t understand why we didn’t do it three years ago when we moved here! No longer are we disturbed at 3, 4 and 5 in the morning as our feathered friends, land, wiggle and coo continually! Our sleep patterns have been restored, now we just need to work on the ‘remains’ of the bird presence outside!!