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Dealing with bird infestation
We all love our ‘feathered friends’ – until they start leaving their mark on our property!

Not only are bird droppings unsightly but they are also unhygienic, and they can cause long term problems if left in place.

Another area where bird problems occur can be in the garden where you have precious plants which get attacked by hungry birds.

There are two low-cost ways of dealing with this problem:
Bird Nets
For larger areas this is the most economical solution. By blocking off access to their usual nesting/roosting places they will move on to somewhere else and (hopefully) not bother you again.

Our bird nets are all made to measure in Ireland, and can be supplied for a quick delivery.
Birds spikes
(sometime called Defender spikes)

These are particularly useful for the eves of houses and well as the gutters where you get birds nesting or causing a nuisance.

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