If bird spikes or bird netting are not suitable for your situation, then there are alternatives,
but we do not stock or supply them

As a service we list below some products that can be ordered from Amazon UK.

We make no direct recommendations about these products ourselves and recommend you do your own due diligence.

(However we do make some personal observations about these types of devices to help you in your selection)

If you buy through these links (by clicking on the image) you will pay the same price as you would going direct,
but in this instance we would get a small commission which would help defray some of our costs

Things to note:

  1. These products need a line-of-site setup to be effective, so you may need several for the designated area
  2. Some people have reported that they, or their neighbours, can hear the signal being broadcast by these devices
  3. Read the reviews about customers’ experiences before buying