No Birds Here is an Irish company orginally owned and run by David Woodford and assisted by his wife Kerstin from their offices in Moate, County Westmeath .

However in 2022 David retired from the business and handed it over to Peter Halford who has a lot of excperience in the construction and safety netting industries .

Overriding policy

The overriding policy of No Birds Here is to be honest and transparent in all our dealings with customers and suppliers alike, and to give the best possible customer service we can .

Having been appalled by the level of customer service that David and also Peter have seen over the years both in companies for which they have worked, and companies with which they have had had dealings, Peter is determined this will not be true of No Birds Here. He is determined to go out of his way to give fair and unbiased advice even if that means that he has to refer potential customers to someone else. He says he is determined not to sell a product to someone if it is not suitable for their needs .

“We treat small customers with the same level of service as we do big companies” says Peter, and “an order for 1 metre will get the same level of service and support as an order for 500 metres.”


No Birds Here deals only with bird prevention products that Peter has confidence in and for this reason the majority of his range is from Defender products produced in the UK .

No Birds Here carries extensive stocks of the full range and is more than happy to give unbiased advice as to the most suitable product for its customers.