Narrow PlasticNarrow SteelWide PlasticWide SteelGull SpikesExtra Wide
Strip length337mm337mm337mm337mm337mm337mm
Pin height112mm112mm112mm112mm150mm112mm
Pin diameter3mm tapering to 1mm1.42mm3mm tapering to 1mm1.42mm1.42mm1.42mm
Ledge protectionUp to 100mmUp to 100mmUp to 200mmUp to 200mmUp to 275mmUp to 305mm
Warrantty15 years25 years15 years25 years25 years25 years
Made fromUV stabilised polycarbonate304 grade stainless steelUV stabilised polycarbonate304 grade stainless steel304 grade stainless steel304 grade stainless steel
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