Bird Spikes Installation

On this page we help you to install the bird spikes in the following ways:

  1. Some videos from the manufacturer of the spike
  2. Downloadable instruction leaflets
  3. Specification sheets for the spikes
  4. A list of authorised installers

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Instructional Videos
Instructional Videos
Instructional leaflets
Instructional Leaflets - click on image to download
Narrow plastic cover
Wide plastic cover
Wide steel cover
Steel gull cover


Authorised Installers
Bird spike installers
If you don’t want to do install yourself, then we do have some authorized bird spike installers. They are all fully-insured.

Please contact them direct to get a quotation**

Carlow, Laois, Kildare, Tipperary, KilkennyAce Chimney Sweep087 7794047[email protected]
DublinUniversal Property Maintenance01-4627944[email protected]
South EastM2 Construction087 2213742[email protected]
MidlandsAthlone Cleaning Services086 6478811[email protected]

(More to follow)

**Your contract for installation is directly with these installers, not No Birds here!. You should do your own due diligence before employing anyone to do work for you.