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It is rela ively easy to move pigeons and seagulls on from these high-up daytime perching sites by simply installing anti-roosting systems.

When the light starts to fade, these often-exposed areas are rarely suitable for the birds to get some shut eye. As night falls, the birds, and in particular pige

ons, will look for ledges that offer shelter. These are often lower down on your building or a nearby property. The pigeons’ overnight roosting spot of choice is likely to be flat and partially or fully sheltered from the wind and rain. The best of these ledges will become potential nesting sites.

The male pigeon will choose the nest site for the female by presenting her with a stick, which she will use as the base for her nest. He will choose an area that is sheltered from the wind and rain, so creating the perfect home to bring up a young family.

Pigeons are gregarious. They love the social side of living in flocks and many pigeons will room together for life. This is one reason why overnight roosting areas can be trickier to proof and protect.

Top Tip: Prevent pigeons and seagulls from landing on the ridge and they will often abandon the property altogether.