If you have problems with birds, you have a number of suggested options to get rid of them.

Black plastic bags: some people take bin liners and stuff them in crevices to potentially scare the birds away. Problem? Do they work? Do they look nice? Do the birds get used to them? Possibly, no, and yes.

Bird decoys: they do work – initially! But birds soon work out what they are and then ignore them.

Ultra sonic devices: the jury is out here. A number of people say that they can hear the sounds and find it disturbing. And again, very often birds get used to them and eventually ignore them.

Bird spikes: spikes work on the basis of prevention being better than dispersion – in other words, stop them getting in in the first place rather than try to scare them a way afterwards. And spikes do the job well here. With a range covering small to larger ledges and other places.

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