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The Defender® Chimney Pot Spike has been designed for seagulls, birds and pigeons causing problems on your chimney cowl or chimney pots by nesting, perching or roosting. Other than noise and unpleasant mess, if seagulls make nests on chimneys it can become a real fire hazard if the chimney is in use. This pigeon and seagull deterrent is a very easy way to keep seagulls off and out of your chimney. The stainless steel strap is flexible so will fit round or square chimney pots, or around cowls, and will quickly stop seagulls and birds from landing, nesting and causing problems on your roof.

The Defender® Cowl Spike has been manufactured with ease in mind. The design of the gull deterrent allows a chimney sweep’s brush to thrust straight through the pigeon cowl spikes, this means that the chimney spike does not need to be removed each time the chimney is swept. The brush simply pushes past and retracts easily. Other devices on the market that fit inside the pot are easily knocked out by the force of the chimney sweep’s brush.

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