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The Defender Chimney Pot Strap™ offers a unique means of protecting any sized chimney pot from perching or nesting birds.

This product was originally designed solely for use as a gull deterrent to stop noisy gulls perching on chimney pots and soiling both the chimney stack and the roof tiles.

The product also resolves one of the most disruptive gull-related problems – noise. Gulls will commonly sit on the lip of a chimney pot, particularly during the breeding period, and the noise that is transferred down the chimney to fireplaces in the property below can be deafening and extremely disruptive to the occupants. Sleep patterns can be disturbed, as gulls start their mating cries at 4 a.m. Soiling of the roof tiles and chimney stack can also be extreme. The Defender Chimney Pot Strap™ resolve these problems instantly.


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