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Defender “Thistle” Spikes

The Defender® Thistle® is a superb, all-plastic, low profile bird control spike which will stop small birds such as starlings and sparrows, from perching on all areas of your property.

The “Thistle” has an impressive 240 pins per metre which fan out in 8 separate angles. The impenetrable pattern of pins deters small birds.

The fan of pins act initially as a visual deterrent to birds wanting to land and most will move on to more accessible areas. If they are more determined the dense pattern of the pins means getting close will be uncomfortable for the bird and indeed make it impossible to get a foothold onto the ledge

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Universal Starling Spikes

The Defender Thistle is absolutely the best spike for stopping all types of birds soiling your property – it has a massive 240 pins per metre and with a low profile, is not very visible

However if budget is a consideration, you might like to consider this spike

This, again, will protect against all types of birds, including sparrows and starlings etc. The spikes are of stainless steel and there are 120 per metre, arranged in a criss-cross pattern to make an almost impenetrable barrier to birds.

The pin height is 105mm (c. 4″) so in some situations that extra height might help with protection.

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Bird Netting

Bird netting is by far the cheapest way to protect a large area, but, of course, does have some issues with appearance, dependant on where it is situated.

We can recommend some companies that specialise in supplying and fitting. Get in contact with us with some details and we can discuss the best way forward for your situation