URGENT – the swallows are coming!

URGENT – the swallows are coming! 1 - No Birds Here!

Swallows are lovely birds – we all enjoy their arrival as they signify the beginning of spring -UNTIL they nest in our houses and leave their droppings everywhere.

You can easily prevent them nesting on your property by installing humane bird spikes – usually in the gable ends where they start their nests.

However it is important that you do this BEFORE they start making their nests as it is against the law to disturb an active nest – and there are heavy fines for anyone who does that.

So we strongly recommend getting in your supply of spikes NOW and get them up before the swallows arrive on our shores.

We have the spikes in stock now and they can be delivered within 48 hours (often next day).

So give No Birds Here a call on +353 89 4709 5330 or visit our web site www.nobirdshere.ie – don’t leave it until it’s too late!

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