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Defender™ Fixing Silicone Adhesive is a specially formulated glue specifically designed to use with bird spikes and pigeon control spikes. This spike adhesive can be used on all clean, dry surfaces such as wood, glass, steel, concrete and brick, to name but a few.

The fixing silicone reacts with the polycarbonate bases of the Defender™ Bird Spike range to create a tough, strong bond. Once the spike adhesive has cured, it will hold the bird spikes in place for years to come, keeping pigeons and birds away from homes and properties.

Specially Designed Bird Spike Adhesive

Defender™ Fixing Silicone Adhesive Glue has been designed with the Defender™ Pigeon, Seagull and Bird Control range in mind. It is a neutral cure silicone which gives it extra grab and a high adhesive strength, meaning it will stick to virtually any clean, dry, porous or non-porous surface, quickly and securely, making it perfect for the installation of pigeon spikes. It also means it has no nasty smell, which is associated with some chemical based silicones.

NOTE: Do not use with aquaria, on bitumen or asphalt, polyethylene or polypropylene surfaces. It is the users responsibility to determine suitability of use. Before use always test the suitability by sticking down 1 section of bird spikes for 24 hours

Defender™ Spike Fixing Adhesive is a low modulus silicone, thereby retaining a certain amount of flexibility when cured. It takes 24 hours to fully cure. However, its high tack make up, its gel consistency, and the silicone fixing holes in the bird spike bases mean it holds the Defender™ Pigeon Spikes in place immediately.

How much is needed? The manufacturer’s recommendation is: A single tube of Defender Fixing Silicone™ will adhere approximately 24 strips (8 metres) to the surface to be protected and life expectancy is at least 20 years.

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Once the surface to be protected has been thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry the installation process is the same. A generous bead (about 10mm – the thickness of a finger) of Defender Fixing Silicone™ should be applied onto the underside base of the spike if the surface is smooth and a slightly thicker bead if the surface is uneven.

Apply along the full length of the base of the Defender™ Bird Deterrent Spike and then press the spike onto the clean, dry ledge or window sill that needs bird proofing. The Defender™ Spike Adhesive will ooze through the special silicone locking holes in the base of the spikes, keeping the pigeon spike firmly in position.

Adhesive for bird spikes 2 - No Birds Here!
Typical caulking gun

The only specialist tool needed to use Defender™ Fixing Silicone is a caulking gun (available at any hardware store). Cut open the end of the fixing silicone tube, apply the application nozzle and insert into the caulking gun. The perfect size of application bead is 9 – 12 mm, so it may be necessary to shorten the nozzle by cutting a little off to achieve this.