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Seagulls are incredibly persistent, loud and strong. To stop gulls from landing, roosting or perching on your property, you need Defender® Seagull Spikes.

These seagull control spikes have much longer pins than our other bird spikes. This makes them suitable to protect ledges, roofs and chimneys from bigger birds like seagulls. The longer pins of this humane seagull spike push into the gull’s breast, making it uncomfortable for it to nest or roost, and moving the birds on to an easier roosting site.

The Defender® Seagull Control Spikes are a completely humane solution for any seagull problem. Each seagull deterrent spike has 20 pins made from 304 grade stainless steel. The individual pins are 15 cm (6 inch) long and stop seagulls from being able to land wherever they are installed correctly, preventing gulls from nesting or roosting too. This is one of the best methods for humane seagull control, recommended by the RSPB.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes are the preferred choice for professional pest control companies, property management and architects, for their low visibility and superior strength.


This is a quality product (made in the UK), stocked by us in Ireland. Please do not confuse/compare them with cheaper imports from the Far East.

We give a 25 year warranty on these spikes, so confident are we of the standard to which they are made. Compare that with the 1 year offered by others!


If you do not use all of the spikes you have ordered –
return the remainder to us and we will refund their cost
(subject to being unused and undamaged)

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