14.49 Excl. VAT

per linear metre

To prevent pigeons and similar birds from landing and spoiling your property

  • Widest coverage of all our products
  • Protects spaces up to 300 mm(12”)
  • Highly effective and humane
  • Easy to put up – silicone adhesive, screws or cable ties
  • 25-year “no-rust” warrantee
  • Same day despatch if ordered before 2 pm
  • Free delivery over €150 (excluding VAT)

Other facts:

  • Discounts for quantities (see below)
  • You can return unused spikes to us for full refund
  • Made from UV stabilized polycarbonate base with 304 grade stainless steel wires
  • Each strip is 330mm long (i.e. 3 per metre) and the spikes are 112mm high
If you will be using an adhesive to fix these spikes, we recommend our Defender Adhesive which has been specifically designed for use with this product
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Extra Wide Steel Pigeon Spikes 2 - No Birds Here!Strip Length
= 337mm;

Pin Height = 112mm

Pin diameter = 1.42mm

Ledge protection = up to 305mm (12″)

Warranty = 25 years

Ledge Protection

Defender® 12 Wide Stainless Steel Bird Prevention Spikes will get rid of birds from ledges, nesting and roosting sites with a depth of up to 30 cm (12 inches).

If the ledge is over 30 cm, another row of stainless steel pigeon spikes can be added to completely protect your home and business.

Strip Length

The Defender® 12 Narrow Stainless Steel Bird Prevention Spike is 33.4 cm or 13 inches long. To cover a 1 metre length ledge or roosting site you will need 3 strips. The angled stainless steel pins protruding from the polycarbonate plastic base will prevent birds and pigeons from attempting to land on any ledge or roosting site

Snappable Sections

Along the underside of the base of  Defender® Spikes are 4 grooves, which can be snapped by hand to create 5 shorter lengths, each measuring 6.5 cm and each having the correct angled span of pin protection. This means smaller ledges and uneven surfaces can be securely protected from persistent birds.

Humane Treatment of Birds

All Defender™ Bird Prevention Spike products have been approved by the RSPB as the most humane way of preventing birds from being able to land without injury or harm. The stainless steel pins stop the birds from being able to land, roost or nest. As the spikes make it uncomfortable for birds, they move on safely, without injury, to a new nesting site.

Special Note

Special note:

  • These spikes are for protection against pigeons and similar size birds.
  • DO NOT use these if you have problems with smaller birds such as sparrows, starlings etc. Use our Defender Thistle or similar product.

Pricing & Delivery

  • Quantity discounts as follows:

Discounts apply on total metres per order on all standard plastic & steel spikes. Adjusted automatically in cart.

    • There is a standard carriage charge of €9.99 plus VAT per order that will be applied at checkout. FREE DELIVERY on orders over €150 (not including VAT)

Free Sample

We are quite happy to send you a free sample of any products you want to look at before ordering.

(It will not be a full length but probably about 1/3rd of normal but will enable you to assess it.)

All we ask is that you initially cover the cost of carriage at €6.99 BUT if you order later we will refund that against your purchase.

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