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The Defender® Solar Panel Bird Spike prevents pigeons and other birds from gaining access under roof solar panels and solar water heating systems. This pigeon problem has plagued solar panel owners from the very start. The panels provide pigeons and birds with shelter and a high vantage point.

Solar panels are becoming a popular energy generation system in Ireland. The knock on effect of this rise means that pigeon proofing these panels has become a priority. The Defender® Bird Solar Panel Spike has been specifically designed to prevent pigeons from nesting under solar panels. The panel spikes purposely do not touch the actual panel, which means there is no chance of the Defender® Solar Panel Bird Spikes invalidating the panel’s warranty.

Every Defender® Solar Panel Bird Spike comes pre-assembled with 11 –  304 grade stainless steel pins. Once installed, these pins act as bars that do not allow the pigeons or birds to push through.

As solar panels and solar water-heating systems can be installed on various roof tile shapes, be it a flat tile or a pantile (s shaped), different heights of posts may be needed to fully protect the sides and prevent birds from crawling underneath.

The Defender® Solar Panel Bird Spike comes ready assembled in a choice of 4 different metal post heights to accommodate the varying spaces that need pigeon proofing.

  • 75 mm
  • 100 mm
  • 125 mm
  • 150 mm


There is a standard carriage charge of  €10 plus VAT per order that will be applied at checkout. FREE DELIVERY on orders over €150 (not including VAT) 

DELIVERY: allow 5 – 7 days for delivery

Please order the number of 33cm strips you need as well as the pin heights required (if you need a number of strips with different pin heights, just add them to the order).

We can supply a specially formulated, clear adhesive, at a competitive price for your order. Work on the basis of 1 tube per 7 metres. Get details and order from here.

Number of 33mm strips: (of each height):

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